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Museum on the Demarcation Line in Rokycany

History Welcome to the museum

Vnitřní expozice vojenského muzea v Rokycanech

Museum on the
Demarcation Line in Rokycany

The Museum on the Demarcation Line in Rokycany is the biggest non-state museum in the Czech Republic. Its founder and operator is the Czech army land forces foundation.
It is focused on vehicles and combat equipment, outfit and armament of the Czechoslovakian army till 1938, the Anti-Hitler coalition and the German armed forces of the last days of the 2nd world war on the Demarcation line added by the outfit and armament of the Czechoslovakian people’s army.

  • The Description of the Inner Exposition

    The inner exposition is made up of 150 fully mobile military technology pieces (automobile technology from the WWII period, postwar armament of the ČSLA (Czechoslovakian Peoples Army), engineer, signal corps and anti-aircraft technique, a vast exposition of armed transporters, tanks and artillery) and the nature trail of the 1938 Czechoslovakian permanent fortification and "Iron curtain" fortification. Its buildings, incorporated into the terrain with individual elements, make up a part of the western border defense system in the way being made by our ancestors in the pre-war period.

  • The Description of the outdoor exposition

    The outdoor expositions are unique treatment of the 1930 - 1945 years in Czechoslovakia by the means of multimedia expositions, dioramas and three-dimensional exhibits. In eight consecutive exhibition rooms/halls are placed border fortification expositions, armament and equipment of the Czechoslovakian first republic army, holocaust and Rokycany district Second resistance and expositions of the individual armies participating in the fights at the demarcation line.

The Hours

May, June: Tue - Sun 9 am-5pm
July, August: Mon - Sun 9 am-5pm
September: Sat-Sun 9 am-5pm

From October until 1.5. is a museum closed to the public.

Children (6 – 15) - 120,- Kč
Adults - 190,- Kč
Family - 450,- Kč

Refreshment, gifts, souvenirs sold in the area.

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Highway D 5 Prague – Pilsen Exit 62
Rokycany, motorway number 183 direction Šťáhlavy, Starý Plzenec, behind the city limits of the Town of Rokycany